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The Future Of Virtual Reality

But in the next few years, in the VR, as in all areas of technology, we will see things that make what is top today look like Bomberman.

And while the games will be amazing, the effects of this transformation will be much broader and will affect our work, education and social life.

Climb something high and look down and you will probably feel dizzy.

If you see an object moving quickly towards your head, you will feel the urge to get out of the way.

At the same time, the devices we use to visit these virtual worlds will be cheaper and lighter, eliminating the friction that can currently be an obstacle.

I believe that augmented reality - a term that covers virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality - will be one of the most transformative technological trends of the next five years.

Do you want to create your own VR game or application? Get in touch!

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