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VR Destruction

Downloadable sample (1).png

Leveraging the magic of Virtual Reality (VR) and Physics to create a fully destructible interior

VR Interior Digital Twin

Downloadable sample (1).png

Virtual Reality (VR) Interior Digital Twin represents a digital version of an interior

VR Education

Downloadable sample (1).png

Innovative education environment in Virtual Reality (VR), Mobile and PC.

VR Tower Defense

Virtual Reality (VR) Tower Defense - a MOBA in VR

Tool Management Software

Introducing the state-of-the-art Tool Management Software (TMS) that is designed to streamline your operations, increase productivity, and save you time and money.

VR Rollercoaster

We have developed a thrilling VR rollercoaster game for VR 360 Action that will take you on an unforgettable ride near the ocean.

AR Car Showcase

View any vehicle in a completely new and engaging way

VR Architecture Visualization

VR Architecture Visualization with a drag & drop

VR Schizophrenia Simulator

VR Schizophrenia Simulator replicates the symptoms of a patient with schizophrenia

VR 360 Video Player

VR 360 Video Player for your 360 footage

VR Bike Rider

Ride a bike in VR in a comfortable setting!

Mini Games

Mini Games used for educational purposes

AR Animals Education

Capture the children's attention with AR

VR Storyboard

The idea of the project was to showcase their system and flow, which would help customers with their process.

VR Interactive Math Environment

VR Interactive Math Environment is made for children with learning disabilities.

Fitness City Builder

Boxing Game with Bluetooth-Connected Gloves and Heart Rate Monitor

Monster Box

Collect, Evolve, Attack

VR Math Saber

POC Virtual Reality game that aims to gamify the process of learning mathematics.

VR Brick Breaker

Bringing back the retro brick breaker game into VR


AR GPS is the new way of taking photos.

VR Packaging Simulator

The scope of this project is to find out whether or not the training will increase productivity in real life.

VR Relaxing Meditation

Mediate in VR in a calm environment

AR Brain

AR Brain is used to showcase the parts of the brain

VR Music Visualization

A VR visualization software which lets you experience the "beats" in VR

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