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What is needed for Virtual Reality Software Development?

Virtual Reality software development is rapidly becoming the next way to train people, simulate different scenarios without risk and low cost, entertainment, gaming and so much more. VR can help any company in any industry to stand out amongst the competition.

What is the difference between VR, AR and XR?

VR creates an experience by putting a person in a totally new environment, using VR Glasses. In the case of VR, your are detached from your surroundings and teleported to a virtual world, without any distraction from the real world. AR in the other hand, is adding digital elements into the real world. This is used for showcasing products, testing how the furniture would look like in your apartment before making a purchase, and even for catching pokemons.

XR is the combination of the two, real world and digital elements overlay and interact.

How does a virtual reality software work?

With the help of gyroscopic sensors, accelerators and magnetometers in headsets, (let's not

get into the details) it tracks your interactions, and movements in the virtual space. These headsets use 6 degrees of freedom to check your position, show the direction that your head is facing and so on. Some VR Glasses have eye tracking technology to improve your focus in the VR experience.

How to create a VR game or application?

There are many ways to create a VR game or application. The most popular solution is to use a game engine like Unity or Unreal. Using an engine helps with every aspect of the development, since they already have an intuitive interface, and a lot of premade packages that makes your life easier.


The Virtual Reality Technology is growing very fast, as companies explore new ways to make the virtual world feel more like the real world. The VR Glasses become smaller, and more powerful, less dependent on cables and PCs. In the new Oculus headsets you don't even need a controller anymore, you can just use your hand intuitively.

Do you know what is the difference between the Metaverse and Virtual Reality? Check out our The Metaverse vs. Virtual Reality: Key Differences article.

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