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AR GPS is the new way of taking photos.

AR GPS enables the client to mix the GPS technology with AR.

The user can take photos, which will save the location of the device, creating an AR marker.

These are uploaded to the cloud. and when the same or another user walks in the same area, will see an AR marker left behind from the previous user.

Tapping on it will show the images taken before.

Along with other features, this helps multiple users to take photos in a specific location, which is susceptible to change(like a construction site) and than reviewed later by others after the change occurred.

Keeping an historic of the progress along with its specific location.

Services Provided

    1. AR Integration
    2. AR Foundation
    3. Mapbox Integration
    4. GPS Integration
    5. Maps
    6. GPS and AR Mixture
    7. Metadata Saving

Project Gallery

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