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VR Education

Innovative education environment in Virtual Reality (VR), Mobile and PC.

Education and VR is such a great fit. The students are already used to technology, and they enjoy it as well. So why not bring lessons into their phones, tablets and even VR Glasses?

The aim of this project is to take a new approach in education. Instead of talking about the Great Walls of China, lets explore it in VR together with the professors.

The online functionality can offers borderless connection between students, they can join from the school, from home, and from around the world basically. With the use of voice chat, the professors can give a full lesson in these virtual environments, and showing what they teach, at the same time.

Since the project is truly cross platform, it works on both IOS and Android, PC and Quest 2. No matter what device the users have, they all can join together, and no one will be left behind.

Services Provided

    1. Login System
    2. Avatar Customization
    3. Multiplayer
    4. Voice Chat
    5. VR Integration
    6. Mobile Integration
    7. Cross Platform Movement System

Project Gallery

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