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VR Interior Digital Twin

Virtual Reality (VR) Interior Digital Twin represents a digital version of an interior

The goal of this project is to create a digital twin of an interior in VR before furnishing the whole apartment.
This way the client can really feel the space of the environment and its size.

With the HD lighting setup it is even possible to see how the sun will shine through the windows.
Leveraging Unity's HDRP, the interior looks really realistic. The PBR Materials gives a depth that was never achievable before. The possibility to change the colors at runtime let's the user try different color combinations before committing to purchase.

The possibilities are endless!

Services Provided

    1. VR Integration
    2. HD Rendering
    3. HD Light Visualization
    4. Changeable light conditions
    5. HD Reflections
    6. Realtime Material Adjustments
    7. Unity HDRP Integration

Project Gallery

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