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VR Storyboard

The idea of the project was to showcase their system and flow, which would help customers with their process.

VR Storyboard was created for the company called Samplemed, in Brazil.

To demonstrate this, in the level 1 phase, the user has to select manually from the purple and black balls and put them in the correct basket. Since the requests are increasing, the user is overwhelmed and cannot possibly sort the balls out.

In the flow phase, with the help of the system provided by Samplemed, the user can just chill and watch how this system magically sorts out everything automatically.

The app was used in a live conference, more info here:

Services Provided

    1 Quest 2 Build
    2 Story Flow Implementation
    3 Physics catching system

    4 Automatic System Selection
    5 Dream-Like Environment

Project Gallery

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