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New uses of Virtual Reality

Forward thinking companies are using VR experiences to do many things. They are showcasing products, simulate different test scenarios, training new workers and so on. Let's take a look how Virtual Reality is used in different industries.

VR in Automotive

Many companies like Tesla are creating virtual showrooms to avoid the costly prototypes. In these showrooms the users can easily try multiple customizations before making an order.

VR in Retail

Online shopping is good but with VR is better. Customers can try any product before buying them therefore reducing returns.

VR in Healthcare

In healthcare, VR has many benefits. Doctors can train performing virtual surgery without any risk. Phobias and addictions can be treated with VR experiences as well.

VR in Sports

Coaches are using VR to train, prepare for games. Fans also benefit from this, since NBA allows users to see highlights from the player's perspective.

VR in Education

VR in education is very similar to healthcare. Through immersive experiences, the students can travel around the world, see a simulation of a time in history in front of their eyes. This really boosts the students engagement and help them stay focused.

Do you know what is needed for Virtual Reality Software Development? Let's take a look!

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